The Anthony L. Pasquarelli Foundation

Under the auspices of The Pittsburgh Foundation


The evolution of the Fund:


1)     Fund For Public Giving - this is the stage where we contribute to a "charitable cause" but the funds stay unallocated in our "account" until they exceed $10,000.

2)     Donor Advised Fund - this is the second stage when the $10,000 level is achieved, and we are able to name our fund.  This is also the level where we begin earning interest and investment gains, and is also the level the donor (The Boss) can determine charitable causes/scholarships he would like to distribute annual gains.  However, it is our intention to not make any annual distributions, but rather allow the gains to help us more rapidly reach our 3rd level destination of $25,000 - our true scholarship level.

3)     Anthony L. Pasquarelli Scholarship - this is where we now have an annual scholarship of 4% of the size of the fund awarded annually to the student who bests meets the criteria set by Mr. Pasquarelli..



These gifts will be 501c3 Income Tax Deductible Charitable Contributions.


Checks are to be made payable to :

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Five PPG Place, Suite 250

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


 (please include a note that the checks are for the Anthony L. Pasquarelli Fund)

For additional information, please contact Lou Casini